Welcome to FODMAPPER - the only low FODMAP magazine in the world.

FODMAPPER is the only dedicated low FODMAP publication available from newsagents across Australia and selected Coles supermarkets. Inside you will find tips, tricks, articles and recipes to help make low FODMAP living easier.

The low FODMAP diet was developed by researchers from Monash University in Melbourne as a way to reduce the debilitating symptoms of medically diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition believed to affect one in five Australians.

“The low FODMAP diet is extremely complex and should be implemented under the guidance of a dietitian,” says Editorial Director Cara Boatswain. “FODMAPPER has been created to make life easier for those following the low FODMAP diet and to help them maintain their lifestyle and health through the right information, handy tips and delicious recipes.”

“In 2014 we (Cazbah Media) launched the first locally produced, completely gluten-free lifestyle magazine into newsstands across Australia and we’re thrilled to be the first to introduce the first low FODMAP magazine to the market,” comments Cara. “This new publication is especially exciting as it isn’t just a first for Australia. To our knowledge, it is the first dedicated low FODMAP publication in the world. Part cookbook, part magazine, FODMAPPER is packed with recipes and advice from low FODMAP experts.”

FODMAPPER is a magazine created to inspire and inform those following the low FODMAP diet. We hope you enjoy the magazine and would love to hear your thoughts on the publication and your own experiences of a low FODMAP living. Email us at [email protected].

We’re thrilled to announce that FODMAPPER magazine will be available quarterly (4-times) in 2021. Subscriptions are now available for Australian readers. You can sign-up here.

To check your nearest retailer click here. If you’re local doesn’t appear to stock the magazine let them and us know ([email protected]) so they can get it in for you.

Issue 3 of FODMAPPER magazine with low FODMAP sausage rolls on a yellow background.

Issue 3 of FODMAPPER with 87 dietitian approved recipes.

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