FODMAPPER is the first publication completely dedicated to low FODMAP living in the world! Issue 1 is packed with delicious low FODMAP, gluten-free recipes and articles to help you navigate the complex world of FODMAPs.
Check out some of the highlights you’ll find inside:

Everything you wanted to know about the low FODMAP diet

A Beginner’s Guide To FODMAPs

Discovered by researchers from Monash Univerity in Melbourne, the low FODMAP diet is now providing relief to sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) around the world. The diet can be complex to follow, particularly in the initial stages. Inside FODMAPPER magazine we answer the most common questions relating to the low FODMAP diet including: What are FODMAPs? Is the low FODMAP diet for life? and What happens if I break the low FODMAP diet?


A Short History of FODMAPs

The ability of certain foods to trigger gas and bloating has long been suspected. Beans, anyone? However it wasn’t until 2005 when researchers from Melbourne’s Monash University developed the ‘FODMAP concept’ that a treatment protocol was implemented. The FODMAP team from Monash University share how they made this significant discovery inside FODMAPPER magazine.

Low FODMAP supermarket survivial guide

Let’s Go Shopping

The low FODMAP diet can be overwhelming at first. There are so many foods to avoid and some approved foods can only be consumed in certain quantities. It’s not surprising that a trip to the supermarket can feel as challenging as climbing Mt Everest. However, as any experienced Fodmapper will tell you, it does get easier and we’re going to show you how.


Tummy Tamers

Nutrition expert NAOMI DEVLIN looks at some of the more common causes of stomach troubles and shares how to fix them including acid reflux, IBS, leaky gut and histamine intolerance.

Delicious low FODMAP dinner recipes inside FODMAPPER magazine

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Drinks, Dessert. If you’re looking for low FODMAP recipes, FODMAPPER magazine has got you covered!

All this and much, much more inside Issue 1 of FODMAPPER magazine.

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